Local Families Host LPGA Players

After long days out on the golf course, having a place to relax and reset is vital to playing well in these big tournaments. Some families in Rogers take in these players as their own family for about a week.

"I grew up in New York, so when I looked at the schedule and saw a tournament in Arkansas, I didn't really know what to expect. I certainly didn't expect this." Says LPGA Rookie Golfer Megan Grehan.

Professional Golfer Megan Grehan found her hole in one here, at the Drapers.

"It just makes such a huge difference to come home to such nice people, and such a great house," adds Grehan.

Several families in Rogers, like Laura and Scott Draper, are hosting LPGA players. Offering them a home away from home as they compete in the Northwest Arkansas Championship Tournament.

"We're really fortunate to have this here, we're really fortunate to have great players come here and stay with us and have this event in our neighborhood." says Scott Draper.

While the Drapers love to entertain....

"It's a little uncertain because you never know, you don't know the people that are coming in to stay with you." adds Draper.

It's kind of like taking a swing and hoping to hit the fairway, only this time everyone hit the green. Jeff, Megan's caddie, is also a professional chef.

"Have a nice home, and then have someone to cook, it just, it doesn't get any better really." adds Megan.

And this house provides more than rest. It offers new friendships and a great support system.

"It's been awesome, getting out to see them, getting to know them and actually watching them on the course." add Draper.

"They have really been like, she's kind of been like my daughter." says his wife, Laura Draper.

A relationship made not just on par, but to a tee.

"We're hoping that, you know, we'll get to keep having Megan come back because we really enjoyed having her and Jeff here." adds Laura.

"I'm so happy that I got paired up with the Drapers, it couldn't be any better. Jeff doesn't want to move out!"

After round one on Friday, Megan shot a +2 and is currently tied for 94th place.

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