Maya Angelou Cancels Speaking Engagement at Fayetteville Library

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- World famous author and humanitarian Maya Angelou has canceled plans to speak in Fayetteville.

The Arkansas native was scheduled speak at the Fayetteville Public Library on April 11th but, in a letter, Angelou explains her health doesn't allow her to travel for the event:

Dear Fayetteville Public Library, Arkansas Family and Friends,

I am profoundly saddened that I am unable to be with you on Friday, April 11, 2014.  I long to come to the state of Arkansas, in general, and I long to be in Fayetteville, in particular.  I learned in Arkansas at a very young age from my grandmother who taught me, ‘when you learn, teach and when you get, give’.

In Arkansas I also learned not to complain.  I was taught that there are people all over the world who have less than I have and who would give anything for a portion of my possessions.  They went to sleep last night as I went to sleep and they never awakened.  Their beds have become their cooling boards and their blankets have become their winding sheets and they would give anything and everything for what I was complaining about.

In Arkansas, I learned to trust love, not the romance of it, but the heart of it.  In Arkansas I learned to have respect for friendship, to honor it, to trust it and to build it.

An unexpected ailment put me into the hospital.  I will be getting better and the time will come when I can receive another invitation from my state and you will recognize me for I shall be the tall Black lady smiling.

I ask you to please keep me in your thoughts, in your conversation and in your prayers.


I am,

Maya Angelou

"An Evening with Dr. Maya Angelou" was to be part of the Roberta Fulbright Distinguished Author Series and, because of widespread interest in the event, the library had planned to simulcast the talk.

Angelou was born in Missouri but raised in Stamps, Arkansas and serving as Inaugural Poet for Bill Clinton's 1993 inauguration.

Angelou's speaking engagement will not be rescheduled, according to the library.

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