Medical Marijuana Group Struggling to Get Signatures For Ballot

- FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- Arkansans for Compassionate Care is working to legalize medical marijuana in Arkansas.

The group needs 62,507 signatures to get on the November ballot. They have reached half of their goal. The campaign says it has been an uphill battle for them. 

"This has been the absolute worst winter we'eve ever had in probably 20 years and it's rained every weekend and so, it's been kind of bad trying to get signatures but we've still get volunteers that are out there every opportunity they have," said Melissa Fults, the campaign's director.

The group made a successful push to get the initiative on the 2012 ballot. The proposal fell short of legalization by just 30,000 votes. The campaign blames lack of funding for the struggle to get on the ballot this year.

"We were able to pay canvasers that did this 8 hours a day, 7 days a week and were able to get more signatures that way." Fults said. "We have had no funding (this year). All of our money has come from Arkansas and it has just been enough to run the campaign. 

Fults says voters are confusing her group with others out there, including one pushing to make all marijuana legal.

"We are strictly for medical use. That is all we've ever been and that's all we will ever be for," Fults said.

But come November, if you don't see this measure on your ballot, Fults says her group will continue to fight.

"If we don't make the ballot, we'll go right back," Fults said. "We won't stop until this gets passed."

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