Men's U.S. Boardercross Team Prepares For Event

SOCHI, RUSSIA --- Reporter Tim Kelchner spoke with the men's boardercross team on Sunday about the upcoming event.

"In talking with the course builders, they overbuilt all the features, so there's plenty of snow up there for us. Considering the conditions last year where it was snowing and raining at the same time, the conditions so far have been great," said one of the athletes.

"I'm expecting the course will be hard in the morning and fast, throughout the day it warms up and slows the course down a little bit.....We're snowboarders so we compete outdoors all year long snowing and raining or hot and sunny," said another teammate.

Alex Deibold didn't qualify for Vancouver. Instead he made the trip helping the team's equipment manger. Now, he's ready to compete.

"The Olympics is a totally different animal and I got to see how that worked before I got here as an athlete.  I didn't have any pressure, I didn't have the spotlight on me, but I got to see how it worked, and that gives me a big advantage this time around over someone like Trevor or Jackie who hasn't been here before," said Deibold.

The men's event starts Monday morning with a time trial set for 11 a.m.

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