myReport: Veteran on Cross Country Hike Stops to Share Message

VAN BUREN -- Did you see a man walking through Van Buren Monday, carrying a flag and saluting every car?

Kelly Jo Bryant with The Highlands of Van Buren has this account of who he is and what he was doing in the area:

On Monday, the folks at the Highlands of Van Buren met with Walter "Chick" McGilll, a 68 year old veteran who is on a mission to walk from coast to coast in 2014.

McGill met with fellow veterans and other residents at the Highlands of Van Buren, located off of Pointer Trail Road, this afternoon to explain his cause and exchange stories of service. To date, he has walked more than 1400 miles. McGill has an encouraging message for his peers, promoting faith and healthy living.

Pastor Walter “Chick” McGill, 68, and Knoxville, TN native, is walking coast to coast, carrying a large American flag. He's headed for the Pacific coast, attempting to be the first veteran ever to hand-carry a flag “from sea to shining sea.”

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