Neile Visits the Black Sea

Published 02/16 2014 08:17PM

Updated 02/16 2014 11:08PM

SOCHI, RUSSIA -- Our own Neile Jones actually had a chance to check out the Black Sea on a beautiful day in Sochi.

The high in Sochi has reached about 63 degrees.

For tourist and locals that means time to take in a little of the Black Sea.

Couples sat on the rock beach and took in the sunset while others
walked the strip on it's border including everyone looking at the historic body of water and the breathtaking views of the
rock beach.

A few brave gents even went out for a swim between moments of

This man stopped to talk with us about his day and guess what..

"I am enjoying this I swam just 20 minutes ago, yeah in the ocean," says Georgeii Mikhaioovic, a swimmer we caught up with.

"No its not warm but it's very nice to swim in the winter it's very beautiful."

So as the second longest city in the world continues with winter sports, many will take advantage of it's subtropical enjoying palm trees and the breathtaking moments offered by the Black Sea.

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