New Addition to Asbell Elementary and the Community

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- A new addition is now open at Asbell Elementary School in Fayetteville.

And it's all thanks to help from the state, the community, and local fifth graders. They turned out for the first official race on the school's new track, open on Thursday.

It's part of an effort to keep kids active and healthy. But it's not just for the students.

"A lot of of the facilities at the schools often act as parks for the surrounding community so this is a place where not only during the school year they'll use it for they're P.E. classes and their early morning walking and running clubs, but on the weekends, people can come and can use it for exercise and for fitness," says Holly Johnson, director of development grants and communication for Fayetteville Public Schools.

On Thursday, students also held a fundraiser for one of their own who is in need. In one day, they raised about $4,000.

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