Olympian's Families Watch In Sochi

SOCHI, RUSSIA --- Meredith Kelly watched the opening ceremony looking for her favorite competitor.

"I'm here to see my son Aidan he is member of team USA luge," said Kelly.

Aidan Kelly, 19 years old, has only been sledding for six years.

 "He moved away from home when he was 15, actually on his 16th birthday is when I dropped him off,"
said Kelly. "He started going to school at boarding school upstate. He's endured a lot of crashes, a lot of fractures. He's persevered and made the most of every opportunity he had."

That's a feeling Anne and Scott Heekin know all too well. Their daughter Siobham will ice skate in the Olympics for Ukraine.

"It's so very difficult to find the right partner and it turns out that seven years ago, when she was looking, the right partner was from Ukraine. She is no longer with that partner, but she continues to skate for Ukraine during all that time," said Anne Heekin-Candey.

Although they may not represent the same country in the games, both families have the same sense of pride.
Both families said making it to the games means their children have already won.

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