Pink Courage: Coach Bielema Fighting For A Cure

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - You may remember not too long ago Coach Bret Bielema, The University Of Arkansas, and The Ozark Affiliate Of The Susan G Komen For The Cure Foundation kicked off a fundraiser like none other as Neile Jones explains, 'Football 101' is about women, the game, and fighting for a cure.

"It's good to get all the ladies together and have a little ladies night with some football talk." Says Jen Bielema who joined about 300 other women for a special night earlier this summer.

University of Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long smiles as he says, "You know some of the most passionate football fans are women.
I've seen that on my own home."

Something Kari Nikolish, a breast cancer survivor and Board President Of The Ozark Affiliate Of The Susan G Komen For The Cure Foundation, knows all too well.

She is a football fan and a woman who helped score 'Football 101', "They are not just you know seeing Coach Bielema and the facilities here which are beautiful, but they get to spend time with different coaches, different areas it's really a behind the scenes look."
the ladies learned from players, coaches, and the head hog himself.

Coach Bret Bielema has passion for supporting Komen. His mother is a breast cancer survivor and for him, 'Football 101' is about teaching some of the fundamentals of football, but more importantly raising awareness and a getting to know hog fans on a whole other level.

"A lot of times what you will see too is a woman that's got the survivor button or pin and then she's got a group of women that are her support group. So you know ya learn a lot about the community but more importantly person by person"

And Long agrees, "Cancer touches every every families life and there is no question that its something that we all want to come together to help. It's one of the ways we can give back to our fans."

And these ladies seem to agree 'Football 101' is a win both on and off the field.

Don't worry it looks like the event was such a success you can expect to see it back again next year. According to Komen, 'Football 101' raised $23,000 to help in the fight against breast cancer!

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