Pink Courage Rolling Into A Town Near You

Rogers, Arkansas - Mercy Health has rolled out a new tool that will help in the fight against breast cancer - it's called The Mercy Mobile Health Motor Coach. Dr Steve Goss with Mercy Northwest Arkansas says it's been a team effort.

"By generous donations from General Mills, Walmart, Sam's Club and Tyson it has come to fruition. So, we are anxious to provide greater access to health care services in our region through the mobile unit."

The $650,000 unit is an the extension of Mercy's medical services, which means, in a way, mammography can come to you.

Dr Goss, says, "The mission is actually to provide services of different types. One of the primary ones being mammography. So, it has a dedicated mammography unit inside of the coach."
He also says that means medical experts can make screenings more convenient to folks who may have a hard time making it into an actual physician's office.

"It's hard to have quality care if you don't have access. So, one of the things is we are just increasing the access to mammography and of coarse the screening for breast cancer, the sooner we can find it, the more easily it's treated, and the more likely for a complete cure. So there's the great importance of the screening especially in regards to mammography."

So the next time you need your annual mammogram ask your doctor if the mobile unit will be near you. The unit can also do cardiovascular screenings and Dr.Goss says it may even be utilized for immunization clinics.

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