Police: Be ALERT to Protect Lawn & Patio Furniture & Grills

ROGERS, AR -- Police in Northwest Arkansas are reminding people to protect their patios. Rogers Police are working several theft cases with thieves targeting lawn and patio furniture. Officers are reminding folks to stay "ALERT" to protect their property, and they have an acronym to help.

A- Always secure your property.
Grills and patio furniture can be bolted down or secured to immovable objects using wire cables with locks. Don't leave lawn mowers, power tools, bicycles or other valuable items outside overnight.

L- Lights help deter thieves.
Most thieves do not want to be seen. Make it difficult for them to get close to your property by installing landscape lighting and motion-sensor security lights to overlook your house and property.

E- Engrave valuable items.
Engrave your property with with your initials, zip code, or another distinguishing feature, to help you identify and recover your property should it ever be stolen.

R- Record your property.
Use a camera to record anything of value outside your home, including patio furniture, BBQ grills, and lawn power tools.

T- Tell authorities.
Notify the police if you see unusual or suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

If you have any info on the lawn furniture thefts, call Rogers Police at (479) 636-4141. You can also CLICK HERE to leave a message on the department's Facebook page.

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