Police Investigating Blow Dart Attack in Rogers

ROGERS, AR -- Police say a woman was hit in the stomach with a blow dart while running on a Rogers street.

The attack was reported Wednesday.  Police say Dalia Gallegos, 21, was jogging in the area of 28th Street and Bellview around 7:10p.m.  Gallegos said she was hit in the abdomen by the dart as an older model pickup heading southbound passed her.

"I thought it was like a rock or something, and when I went to grab it it was actually a 3 inch dart that hit my stomach," she says. "It went all the way in."

She immediately pulled out the dart, and filed a police report, but officers didn't find the truck in the area.
"I was in shock and I felt really woozy," Gallegos says. "Something went inside you, and I obviously can't see exactly what was damaged, but I hope everything's ok."

Gallegos spent Thursday afternoon in the hospital, and says she is fine. Police, and emergency room doctors at Mercy Northwest Arkansas want whoever's responsible to know this is no joke.

"There's so many things that can happen," says Lt. Mike Johnson. "People can get hurt, infections... We have people who are exercising out running and should feel free to be able to do that, without worrying about being shot with a blow dart." 

57.30 what might seem to be a rather malicious prank can in fact be life threatening, 36

Gallegos hopes no one else gets hurt, but says she won't be running outside anytime soon.

"I'll stay indoors for the gym," she says. "I really hope they stop, maybe after realizing they really could have hurt someone they won't do it again."

Anyone with information on this case is encouraged to contact the Rogers Police Department.

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