Police: Loaded 9mm Stolen from Unlocked Truck

Fayetteville, AR - Police are hunting for a stolen handgun after more than a dozen break-ins at a neighborhood near Washington Regional Medical Center.

"It's a Ruger 9mm handgun," says Corporal Dan Montgomery. "It is a dangerous weapon."

Montgomery says someone stole the loaded firearm from an unlocked truck on Quail Ridge Road during a rash of break-ins on Sunday and Monday.

"Most of the time it's younger people going through a neighborhood, and just checking doors," Montgomery says. "It really concerns us that it might be a juvenile with a 9mm."

Spencer Curtis lives on the street, but says he always locks his doors and hasn't had anything stolen. He isn't surprised the gun was taken.

"People are going to steal whatever they think they can go to a pawn shop to get money for," he says. "Everyone knows that a gun's worth a lot of money."

Clint Gober of Mountain Man Supplies and Pawn says most people know not to bring in a stolen gun.

"Theft of a firearm is going to be a felony, and you're going to end up in the pen," Gober says. "Someone can steal a firearm here, and try to sell it out in California, and it'll turn up in the system the very next day."

He says criminals make the sale under the table instead.

"They'll sell it to an individual where it can't be traced," he says. "Just be real real careful about buying firearms from a suspicious character. More times than not, that's a touchy situation, and if it doesn't have a serial number on it, do not take it. You're just asking for trouble."

Montgomery says leaving your car unlocked is also asking for trouble, especially with a weapon inside.

"Don't leave a loaded gun in your car," he says. "You're responsible for that gun... If it's involved in some kind of a crime, that might come back and bite you later."

Ten of the 16 cars that were broken into were unlocked, and police want people to make sure to take valuables inside, or at least hide them out of sight.
Montgomery also says it's important to call police if you see something suspicious. In this case, neighbors noticed someone walking on the street, and heard dogs barking, he says, but didn't call it in.

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