Police Try to Slow City's No. 1 Complaint: Speeding

FAYETTEVILLE, AR --The number one complaint police get from citizens in Fayetteville might surprise you.

"We're very fortunate in Fayetteville that we don't have a lot of violent crime and a lot of our issues are what we call quality-of-life issues, and speeding just happens to be the biggest one," Sgt. Craig Stout with Fayetteville police says.

Now police are trying to pump the brakes of lead-foot drivers.

"We have very different avenues on how we can deal with some of those situations," Stout says.

One slow-down approach is the mobile, magnified odometer.

Cops say these electronic radar signs do usually raise awareness.

"Unfortunately, that is only a short-term solution," Stout says.

"You take the sign out of the neighborhood, people kind of go back to their old habits."

The city only has three of the signs, and right now, they're in high demand.

"There is a short waiting list for that," Stout says.

Another tool is traffic study equipment.

"So we can look at that information and determine is there a problem, and if so, when is the best time for some type of enforcement action to be taking place."

Putting the pedal to the metal in low-speed zones can steer drivers right toward citations, fines or worse; potentially harming others nearby.

"The faster you're going, the harder it is to stop," Stout says.

"A lot of times, the offenders are people who live in their neighborhoods because they're comfortable with the neighborhood and they may not realize they are going as fast as they are."

Stout explains that officers parked, pointing radar guns in every Fayetteville neighborhood is an unrealistic expectation.

He suggests one more simple, proactive way to keep city streets safe.

"Police ourselves, which is, as a citizen, be aware of your speed and try to slow it down."

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