Q&A Best Ways to Watch the Big Game

Between the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics, sports fans have a lot to be excited about.

Here's a Q&A with Joe Hutchinson with Best Buy to help your living room be the best place to watch the big games.

What are going to be some of the best TV's for game and sports watchers?

"Your main two are going to be LED and Plasma. Plasma is going to be a little bit faster of TV, little bit more color, but they're better in a darker room. Where as LED can handle all kinds of rooms and they're very pretty as well."

When we're talking speed and sharpness, what's going to be the best?

"Plasma is a little bit faster TV and generally you want to have a faster processor for your TV, that way generally when you have a bigger size TV, they handle that and it looks a lot cleaner."

When it comes to size, is the biggest TV always the best?

"Not always the best, main thing is going back to the processors. You want to make sure you have a faster TV because when you have a big one with a slower TV, you're going to have streaks and stuff and it's not going to look very good. Generally most people with a 50-60 inch TV are going to sit 8 to 10 feet back. So you kind of gauge that if you go bigger.

If you really want to feel like you're at the Super Bowl or at the Olympics, what's going to be your favorite gadget?

"TV's themselves don't have great speakers on them, so having a sound bar really gives you that good game sound, or whatever you're going to be watching, really brings it to life."

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