Razorbacks Redesign Website

Fayetteville -- The Arkansas Razorbacks unveiled a brand new web site Friday, designed with mobile hog fans in mind.

Director of Web Design and Development Jake Brokaw says about half of the visitors to Arkansasrazorbacks.com use phones or tablets.

"Our goal was just to make things as easy as possible for our fans to get to content about the Razorbacks," he says. "Every page on the website, whether it's a schedule or a roster page, it was really developed with the mobile experience in mind first."

The new look uses large images and hd videos, and adjusts automatically to the size of your screen.

"They can use our website on their phone, on their tablet, on their desktop and it's all going to be very similar," Brokaw says. "Videos are going to play on your iPhone and your iPad now."

The new site also does away with the premium subscription, so fans no longer have to pay for live audio streams of the games, or to access coaches shows and other videos.

"There's going to be no nothing to subscribe to, nothing you have to pay for," he says. "We just want them to use the website and talk about how much they like the Razorbacks."

Brokaw says the new site is also a recruitment tool, showing potential players what the University of Arkansas is all about.

"We've had about 3.5 million unique visitors to our website last year, and you know, however many of those could be potential recruits, and we weren't giving a good impression," he says. With this new site, we're able to showcase, you know, through HD video, large images really highlight the experience for somebody that's maybe not from around the area."

An official app launched alongside the website, and later this month the University plans to release a game day app that focuses on live events.

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