Reminders For Spectators Going To NW Arkansas Championship

The crowds at the Northwest Arkansas Championship continue to grow year after year. Because of that, many people coming to watch the tournament have questions about traffic and parking.

Here are some things you need to know:

    - Take 49 North (what used to be 540) to Exit 82. Turn left (west) off that exit and you'll start seeing signs for parking.
    - You can not walk into Pinnacle Country Club from the spectator lots. You must take the shuttles.
    - The shuttles run repeatedly throughout the day.
    - Parking cost $5 per car, and the proceeds benefit local organizations. Officials are making sure spectators are ready for the hot weather expected this weekend.

This year there are two air conditioned tents for the general public to use, and well as many shaded areas around the course.

One tents is at the new Kids Center near the 17th green, and another one is near the 18th tee.

There are also cooling tents where folks can stand scattered across the course for shade.

They will be selling water for a dollar, and will be giving away cold soaked towels for free.

Remember, you can not bring a cooler into Pinnacle Country Club, and are not allowed to leave with an open container.

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