Same-Sex Couples Set to Line Court House Steps Monday

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Long lines are expected outside the Pulaski County Courthouse Monday morning after a judge rules the same sex marriage ban in Arkansas is unconstitutional.

Keith Gober, his partner Mark Norwine and their family waited in line for hours Saturday to get a marriage license in Eureka Springs, but time ran out.

So tonight, they're staying at the hotel across the street from the Pulaski County Courthouse.

They'll likely be some of the first in line -- for a marriage license -- Monday morning.

Gober said, "We just want to live what everybody says is the normal American life and that's the reason why we're doing it."
While, the Pulaski County Clerk says they're ready for the crowds, some other counties won't be.

The reporter asked the Communications Director with the Arkansas County Clerks Association, Scott Perkins, "Do you think this might cause some confusion for people trying to get married tomorrow?"

Perkins answered, "No doubt this will cause confusion. Unfortunately the late decision by Judge Piazza on Friday is what started this confusion."

Perkins said a majority of offices do not have the software and documents needed to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Gober and Norwine just hope there won't be any issues -- in Pulaski County -- tomorrow because they say they want to turn a ten year commitment into a marriage.

Gober said, "This is for our family and this is what we believe in."

A judge could rule tomorrow on a motion for a stay in this case submitted by the Attorney General's Office.

Basically, what that means is the same sex marriage ban would stay in place until perhaps the Arkansas Supreme Court can make it's decision on the issue.

However, at this point, we don't know when or if that will happen.

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