Start Fighting Now to Protect Your Yard from Mosquitoes

SPRINGFIELD, MO -- They are summer pests we try to avoid. While they are an annoyance and most are not infectious, some mosquitoes have been linked with disease like West Nile.

Also recently detected in the United States is a disease called Chikungunya. It originates in Africa and the Caribbean. So far, that's only been detected on the East Coast.

But, there are some ways we can protect ourselves and make sure our yards are not breeding grounds.

"We do have puddles back there, but it's just because we've had a good rain," says Wickman's Landscape Designer Becky Nicholas, pointing across the Wickman's Gardens property.

Nicholas says while spring showers help beautiful gardens grow, they can also bear breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

"Sometimes it's important to treat your ponds, because if there's a quiet space a mosquito will find it," says Nicholas.

Nicholas says mosquitoes will use any amount of standing water, big or small, to lay their eggs.

"We don't need the Nile virus and make sure we get the least amount of mosquitoes in our backyard so we can enjoy our backyards this summer," says Nicholas.

There are some chemical products that will get rid of the mosquitoes, but they will also harm the other things you have in your ponds or in your garden. But, there are also some natural products that will get rid of mosquitoes while keeping things like fish and tadpoles safe.

"I like this one better because it doesn't show up so much in your ponds but it's black and it will keep the mosquitoes from laying their eggs in there," Nicholas says picking up a product called the "Mosquito Torpedo" that uses a bacteria to kill mosquito larvae.

"There's a lot of things you can do, like Mosquito Bits that you put in your saucers so that way nothing will breed in them," explains Nicholas.

Springfield-Greene County Health Department's Administrator Of Community Health And Epidemiology Kendra Findley says instances of West Nile are not common in Greene County, but also not unheard of. Findley says using simple mosquito mitigation is better for everyone.

"Well mosquitoes can carry disease," says Findley. "So if you can eliminate the potential areas for them to breed around your home hopefully it would eliminate or slow down the spread of disease in Greene County."

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 80 percent of people who become infected with West Nile Virus do not develop any symptoms.

Those who do have flu like symptoms and should see their doctors.

You can learn more about mosquito borne illnesses and ways to prevent and mitigate mosquito breeding by clicking this link or checking out products for mosquito eradication here.

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