Storm Sirens Arrive in Centerton

CENTERTON -- One local town is more prepared for storm season than ever before, putting many residents at ease.

"We have several wind chimes up, usually," Arnette Meisenbacher, a Centerton resident says.

"When the winds get high, we bring them in."

Pretty soon, Mother Nature's porch side musical instrument won't be the only noisemaker, as stakes mark the spot for storm sirens in Centerton.

"It just gives me a lot of peace of mind," Meisenbacher says.

Meisenbacher and her husband have lived here for about 12 years.

"We love it, it's nice," she says.

But, they do remember the 2006 tornado that tore through town, which wasn't so nice.

It was captured on a Bentonville high school camera, carrying debris it picked up from Centerton.

"At that time we did look at the storm sirens, but the cost was just outrageous," Bill Edwards, mayor of Centerton says.

So, back then, instead, Edwards says the city handed out free weather radios.

But, thanks to a grant, and cheaper prices, three storm sirens are now just days away from their debut..

"We have them actually stored in our garage here at the moment," Edwards says walking through city hall.

"Each siren will have a mile radius from where the siren is placed, you'll be able to hear it a mile in all directions."

A welcomed alarm. One that Arnette Meisenbacher hopes to hear before those high winds reach her porch.

"If you're out and about, and you don't know what's going on, you're going to hear that siren," she says.

"I do appreciate the city officials for taking care of this for us."

Edwards adds: "Storm season is just right around the corner."

Edwards also encourages folks to sign up for the BC alert system (, as the storm sirens are intended to warn people who are outdoors only. The BC alert system is a notification system for Benton county residents, which can alert people to severe weather via a text message or phone call.

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