Students Spend Start of Spring Break in Class

Northwest Arkansas - Students in Bentonville, Springdale and Hunstville are missing the start of Spring Break to make up snow days.

Administrators say the inconvenience of cutting vacations gives teachers valuable time in class before end of year exams.

Sharpening pencils isn't a Spring Break staple.

"Usually we would go on vacation," says 7th grade student Madeleine Teoh. "It is kind of a bummer to have to go to school when it's so nice out, but it is still necessary to go to school because we have missed a lot."

Teachers and students at Springdale's Hellstern Middle School are taking the shorter vacation in stride.

"I'd probably rather be home," says 6th grade student Nick Luttrell. "Teachers are just making it... they have fun stuff we can do and they make it educational too."

Teacher Sarah Brown says the make up class time is extremely important, after Winter weather cancelled more than two weeks of classes.

"We really love education and the opportunity to work with our students," she says. "I would say the most difficult part has been gaining momentum and then having to stop with the snow days... (students) are also doing a great job of refocusing and getting their work done."

"Benchmark's coming up so we gotta get all ready for that big test," Luttrell says.

"We have been putting a lot of work into it and it's been going by fast," Teoh says. "You know teachers are trying to put in as much as they can to get most of the information that we need."

The school district's last day will be June 4th.

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