The Pulse: Obama Nominates New Head of Veterans Affairs

Number 5:
If your Facebook feed was buzzing about a flying saucer over Hawaii, your friends weren't nuts.
It was NASA.
Their new spacecraft lifted off from the U.S. Navy's Pacific missile range facility this weekend in Hawaii.
The space agency said the test appears to have been a success..
The disc-like LDSD was more than 20 miles above Earth.
NASA says safely landing a hurtling spacecraft, like this one, is crucial for a human mission to Mars.

Number 4:
Severe weather has put parts of the country and the natural state under water.
Ten inches of rain fell in Brinkley, Arkansas overnight, turning roads into rivers and homes into swamps.
The Monroe County Judge said this area is prone to flooding problems, but in order to get ahead of the issue, it'll cost between 30 and 50 million dollars.

Number 3:
A shooting erupted in a popular tourist spot in New Orleans early Sunday morning.
Authorities say nine people were struck along Bourbon Street.
New Orleans police say six of the victims are in stable condition, at least one is in critical condition.
No word about a suspect or a possible motive.
An investigation is underway.

Number 2:
It's what's being called an immigration crisis.
An influx of more than fifty-thousand unaccompanied immigrant children have been caught illegally sneaking into the United States this year.
Representative Michael McCaul from Texas says this is a serious concern.
Since many of the children are caught in Texas, the state is trying to figure out where to house them.
McCaul says another concern is drug traffickers are making 5,000 dollars a child, advertising if you can get into the United States you can say. Which to a certain extent he says, is accurate.

Number 1:
Obama picks former Proctor and Gamble exec to lead the VA.
President Barack Obama will nominate Bob McDonald to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to the White House.
McDonald is a West Point graduate and the former CEO of Procter and Gamble.
The Veterans Affairs health care system needs to be overhauled, according to a report delivered Friday to President Obama.
It blamed unresponsive leadership and a "corrosive culture" for the problems.

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