The Sights and Sounds of Sochi

SOCHI -- This is what some call the heart of the city. Several locals tell us on any given Saturday it's the place to be.

Born and raised here, Mike Cherlov is headed home with some fresh flowers for his wife and tells us be comes here because it's the only place to buy organic foods.

"It's very central of Sochi and people. It's one of the few places where people shop it's called Rina. I buy vegetables, egg, meat, milk product. It's perfect quality."

And there is a reason he loves the food. You see Sochi extends up into the Caucasus mountains, the range that divides Europe and Asia, making it a melting pot for a variety of cultures

Cherlov explains, "It's worth visiting because it's not European. It's Asia style so it's worth visiting for the Europeans and for western tourist because it's the border of Asia and Europe."

Sibel Foyl says she's pleasantly surprised by the city. "It seems like Spain or somewhere it's so exotic. Honestly, the Russians are fantastic."

And that's exactly what locals like Cherlov want trackers to know. "The people are very friendly. There are plenty of tourists from all over Russia and I hope all over the world from now on."

And it seems his wish may soon come true as the city of Sochi becomes less of a secret and more of a household name.

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