Travel Insurance: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Just in time for summer vacation comes the age-old debate about how far you should go to protect the money you're spending to get away.
If your summer vacation plans have you going to the tropics, remember, hurricane season is officially underway. Then, maybe reconsider the answer you gave about travel insurance.
CNBC's Kelli Grant says travel companies are making it harder for consumers to get refunds in the event things don't go as planned or promised.
"Be it an illness or something else that prevents you from taking that cruise all the way down to suddenly there is an outbreak, rioting somewhere that you don't want to go to anymore," Grant says.
Grant also says the more complicated the trip, the likelier the need for insurance.
"Say you're flying and you're going to get on a cruise from there you want to think about that domino effect if something goes wrong along the way, what if you don't make it to the cruise."
Grant says you should also avoid buying insurance through the same company selling your tour and recommends going through a neutral third party like and

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