Veterans Join Forces for Team Training

GRAVETTE, AR -- Safeties were off Wednesday in Gravette. Navy seals, Marines, Army, and Air Force veterans joined forces to bring Junior Leadership Training to Arkansas.
The program  is used to build communication and teamwork. Former Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam, founded the military style program and says this training is something everyone could use.

" What we've done is we've created a program that takes the best part of military veterans, which is their standard operating procedures, their ability to streamline, task organize, weapons safety for those who do handle weapons, and communication skills," Gilliam went on to say that fundamental skills learned from the training can make anybody a better problem solver.

"It's called basic for a reason, it's a basic set of skills that really do make you into a person that can look at a problem and figure out the best solution for that problem." Gilliam said. 

Participants get to suit up in the gear, learn some airsoft  gun safety and range training before taking on some live scenarios. Gilliam says people of all ages will be able to participate.

"Anybody can do this program, we've had eleven year olds, we've had 40  year olds, so anybody can come in here." According to Gilliam, any team or group would  benefit from the team building skills. "I challenge any team that thinks that they're really squared away to come out here, because we can make them better." Gilliam said.

He believes that we all can learn something from the veterans in the program. 

"This is veteran. This is what veterans are. This is the capabilities they have, and I think more people should reach out and learn a little bit from a veteran." Gilliam said. The event kicks off on Saturday at noon at the CQB Arkansas airsoft field in Gravette. Located at 14012 Beaty Road, Gravette AR, 72736. Participants can register in advance here or sign up the day of.

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