Visitors Reporting More Accidents at Siloam Springs Kayak Park

"I thought it was wonderful I was really really excited I couldn't wait to actually get out here and see it," Beeson said.

Ria Beeson is a pre-school teacher in Siloam Springs, she's come out to the Whitewater Recreation Park several times.

"I just see every one having so much fun and you know and for something like this to happen, it's sad, it's really sad," she said.

Since the park opened a couple weeks ago, visitors we spoke with said they've seen dozens of accidents.

"I watched a guy break his arm the other day and my buddy cut his heel almost all the way off," Juran Sorum, who's been coming to the river for almost 10 years said.

Though the signs say use the facilities at your own risk after a fatality Tuesday, people here say the risks may be too great without supervision.

"I don't know that it would even be in a budget anywhere for someone to have a life guard out here but at least having parents, the parents have got to be aware of what their little ones are doing," Beenson said.

"I think maybe they should have like, a first aid kit and like a first responder to be out here and have somebody paid to do it," Sorum said.

While the almost 2 million dollar donation from the Walton Family Foundation is nothing short of picturesque, for visitors, the promise of safety would make it more appealing.

"For that much money they need to do something about it you gotta have some sort of precautions or something," he said.

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