Washington County Emergency Managment Preps for Storms

Fayetteville, AR - Washington County's Department of Emergency Management spent Thursday morning checking equipment ahead of potential severe weather.

Director John Luther says it is important to make sure rescue trucks are in order, and that all the equipment is working. Crews are watching the forecast, and sharing weather information with cities and other first responders to make sure everyone is on the same page.

The department coordinates with amateur weather spotters, and last night they tested radio equipment to make sure no one gets stranded in the field without a way to send in information.

"One of the guys... last night had a failure," Luther says. "It proved the point. We check, so if something is going to happen, we'd prefer it happen then, and that it not happen during the event."

Luther says if heavy rains hit the area, drivers need to slow down and be patient. He also says driving through water covering the road can leave drivers stranded in a dangerous situation.

"Be cautious of the potential to hydroplane, and do what you can to not drive in water," Luther says. "Once you're in harm's way then we've got to put our rescuers in harm's way, and I'd prefer we don't have to do that."

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