Watch: Bystanders Smash Car Windows to Get to Kids Left in Hot Car

KATY, TX -- They thought they had no time to spare. Shoppers in a strip center parking lot taking matters into their own hands, after noticing two small children in a hot jeep.

"It was a crazy situation man."

Gabriel Del Valle says he stepped out of his nearby shop after hearing the sound of children crying out in desperation.

"The kids were in there crying. I mean you would understand. It's real hot." Gabe shot this video with his phone. He says one guy got used a hammer to smash open the windows.

"Even then they could barely open the doors because there was a child lock on."

After several minutes, the kids were freed. The children's mom apparently said she had left them there only temporarily so that she could get a hair cut. But Gabe believes nothing justifies treating children like this.

"Even a dog can die. Imagine a person."

Now no one here called police. The mom came out, pleaded with everyone, said she just made a terrible mistake. Fortunately it appears as though her children were unharmed.

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