What's Next For Washington County Election Commission?

WASHINGTON COUNTY, AR. --- On March 10th, Northwest Arkansas lost a man that many called friend. John Logan Burrow was also the Washington County Election Commissioner for over 18 years.

"He was so fair. When he put on that hat as election commissioner, you wouldn't find a more fair person. To say he is a Fayetteville institution is taking it a little lightly, he truly was the fabric of Northwest Arkansas and Fayetteville especially," said Tyler Clark, Chair of the Washington County Democrats.

The seat of election commissioner sits empty and officials have 45 days from its vacancy to fill it.

"The election commission in each county is made up of three people: A republican, a democrat, and a chair. The chair is always the majority party in the state constitutional office positions," said Clark.

Democrats hold the majority of state constitutional offices in Arkansas. So, Washington County Democrat chair Tyler Clark will be appointing the new commissioner.

"The person we appoint will be the third member of that body and the commissioners will vote on who becomes the next chair," said Clark. "A person that can set aside party issues to really oversee the election commission and make sure, just like John Logan Burrow did for 18 years that we have fair and balanced elections in Washington County."

Election Commissioners take charge of tasks during voting season, like choosing early voting locations, and anything that comes up on election day as well.

"If there's ever a question with a ballot, something may not be filled in correctly or there's a ballot cast incorrectly, in the wrong precinct, the election commission has the right to count that ballot or set it aside," said Clark.

Although it may be difficult to replace Burrow, Clark said he hopes to make his friend and colleague proud.

are the next elections coming up in Washington County.

We did reach out the the Republican Party of Washington County and president Lance Johnson said they are going to let the law play out.

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