Winter Olympics: Is Sochi Safe?

SOCHI, RUSSIA ---  Face painted and full of energy, fans poured into Olympic Park on Saturday for the first full day of Olympic competition. They were also treated to performances outside of the venue.

"Russian people have been friendly.  Not just Russian people.  One of the great things about the Olympics is meeting people all over the world," said some fans.

As fans enjoyed the Olympic atmosphere, security in Sochi remained tight. 

Friday night, a plane was successfully diverted to Istanbul after an alleged bomb threat to hijack the flight and take it to Sochi was foiled. 

"Hightened security, but not much more than what I experienced in previous Olympics," said Jeff Wells.

These are are Jeff Wells 8th Olympic Games. He said the biggest difference is the liquid ban and not being able to take water on public transportation. Wells said he completely understands the reason for the rule. 

"You have the whole world, Russia's had extra threats, legitimate ones, but it didn't stop me.  It didn't stop people in the states," said Wells.

"I think the plane incident was random and take it as such," said Dan Partelow.

Dan Partelow traveled to Russia from Los Angeles. He's also a veteran Olympic fan, making his 6th trip.  So far he said his stay in Sochi has been wonderful and he doesn't plan on letting it ruin his Olympic experience. 

"I heard someone say this is the safest place on the globe and I believe that," said Partelow.

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