Workout Wednesday: Exercising During Vacation

In this week's edition of Workout Wednesday, we find out how you can still keep your fitness a priority, while on vacation.

Mark Myers, personal training director at Fayetteville Athletic Club says "Now that is is the vacation season we find ourself out on the roads so I want to make sure that you are planning accordingly and your not letting your workout drop by the waste side. So what do you do if you don't have access to an exercise studio or weights? Some examples of exercising that you can do anywhere are squats or a variation of squats jump squats, lunges, and power lunges. Other fun exercises you can do are things like burpees, push ups, atomic push ups and Russian twists. Now that you have the exercises lets talk about you put them together and create a good work out. If you are looking for time efficiency and you only have twenty minutes, lets do what is called an amrap. As many rounds as possible. So you set the timer, 20 minutes go. So you have these exercises. Each exercise you are 10 repetitions or maybe repetitions each and how many times you can through those 6 exercises at 10 or 15 repetitions a piece in that 20 minute time period? So you may be able to get through that 3 times, 3 1/2 times or four in quarter times but you goal is to continually push yourself and that 20 minutes make the most of it. Now lets talk about when you don't have an issue with time and you want to get the best work out possible. This is something that you can do that actually challenges you. Lets pick those same 6 to 8 exercises and put a number of repetitions on them. So maybe you are going to do 100 repetitions of each of those 6 exercises, your goal now is how long does it take you to complete that entire routine. So you start the clock and you may do 10 repetitions, 10 repetitions, 10 repetitions of each exercise and then when you are done you start back over until you reach 100 repetitions of each exercise. Hopefully now you know when you are out on vacation you can take your workouts with you and not miss a beat."

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