Workout Wednesday: Relieving Stress With Massage

"Hi I am Mica Mitchell O'Dell and welcome to Workout Wednesday. I am the group fitness director and also the spa director at FAC so I have the the privilege of working with people like Dennis Champagne a master massage therapist on a daily basis. So Dennis is here with me today to help show you a few tricks to maybe work on your spouse or your friends or your co workers anytime someone is just complaining you know of a little bit of tightness and they can't get in to see a professional masseuse . In this area here right near the shoulder blade area is a common area for stress. Many times even from just working on a computer you can have that problem and if you can feel right there you can feel knots right through there. I am right on the side of the shoulder blade and this is area with where the rhomboids and mid traps are always seem to be acting up so the biggest thing to remember is not to be pushing on the bones but right on the muscle itself. And you can do the same thing on the other sides or you can do both sides at the same time and one of the other areas that you can work is right here where the levator scapulae is and the upper mid traps. Again that is another area that holds a lot of stress and just by pushing in on their shoulders on top. It helps it relieve some of that stress. Not everybody has a a chair like this at home and what you can do is have them sit over a desk and just kind of lean onto it and you will still have access to the shoulders and shoulder blades."

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