Local Police and Firemen Show Birthday Boy Around Stations

FAYETTEVILLE -- - Turning four-years-old is supposed to be a time to celebrate. But for Braxton Young, his birthday party didn't include fun because none of his friends showed up.

A few weeks ago, Braxton Young wanted to celebrate his birthday with friends. When no one showed up for his party, his mom wanted to make sure he'd forget the no shows. Today, he visited some people who helped make his big day special, even though they'd never met the kid.

Sarah Young, Braxton's Mother said, "He always asks about when his birthday party is going to be. Why no one came. When is he going to get a cake? Why didn't he get presents?"

Braxton Young's mom, Sarah, reached out to the public and asked anyone that was willing, to send letters to her son because that's all he wanted to feel special. Mail.

"Try to get him some mail. That way he knows he is special. Just because no one showed up doesn't mean he isn't special," said Young. 

Braxton wants to be a fireman, possibly a police officer and walks around the house giving his family tickets. 

"That's all he talks about at home. Fire trucks, policemen. When he asked for letters and i told him that the policemen and firemen responded he was overjoyed that they took the time out of their day to write him. It shows that our every day heroes actually care about someone as young as him," said Young. 

David Harrison, Fayetteville Fire Department, "That's what it's all about. Putting a smile on their face, see them have a good time, see the fire truck. A lot of them look up to us and want to be firemen. It's great for them to come here and see what it's all about."

Young says seeing her son be happy and smile is the most important thing to her. 

"He even said they sent me stuff for my birthday. See at least they think about me and it overjoys me to see him smile like that. He said mommy I'm special like you now," said Young. 

To find out how you can send Braxton a letter, click here.

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