Man Pulls Over Woman While Impersonating a Police Officer

FORT SMITH, Ark. - Getting pulled over by police is something that can easily make a person nervous. 

But what if the person pulling you over isn't who they say they are? 

One woman in Fort Smith says she got pulled over into a Shell gas station parking lot by what she thought was a Fort Smith Police Officer.

But that wasn't the case

"It has happened in the past here," Cpl. Anthony Rice from the Fort Smith Police Department said. 

According to a Facebook post, the "fake" police officer made the woman stop her car and told her to get out multiple times on Rogers Ave. in broad daylight. 

"In Fort Smith, if you are being pulled over by an unmarked car, it is probably not one of us," Cpl. Rice said. 

After the woman refused to get out, she dialed police.

Then the man sped off. 

"Traffic stops are nerve-racking experience for us as well so we totally understand if they want to turn into a well lighted area or a place with a lot of people," Cpl. Rice said. 

Police say if you do get pulled over and you don't feel safe, call 9-1-1 to check to see if your vehicle is with a certified police officer.

If you are impersonating an officer it is a felony and you will be charged," Cpl. Rice said. 

The woman described the man as white, about five-foot-six, had a goatee, and brown hair.

He also was driving a black Chrysler 300. 

This information is grabbing the attention of the Fort Smith Police Department. 

"We as police officers are concerned about this as well because we all have families who travel up and down these roads and we want to make sure someone out there is not doing something like this," Cpl. Rice said. 

If you know any more information about this case or if this has happened to you please call Fort Smith Police. 

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