Medical Marijuana Applications Only a Few Months Away

ARKANSAS - - Here in Arkansas, while you can't legally puff, puff, pass recreational pot, medical marijuana has technically been legal in our state since last November.


Arkansas is just a few months away from people being allowed to submit applications for licenses to grow and dispense marijuana.


But the state must nail down some rules about the substance first. 


Jake Bleed, Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, "When July 1st happens and folks start applying for dispensary and cultivation licenses we will already have the rules in place and authorized and approved and enforceable."


In a little more than two-months, the Natural State will be on a path to prescription pot.


The medical marijuana commission has compiled its list of rules and regulations but the next step has not yet been taken.


The Arkansas State Legislature will review the rules in the coming weeks.


For example, to grow marijuana you must be a citizen of Arkansas and have lived in the state for at least 7 years.


In addition, the 32 dispensaries must be in 8 different zones. 


"We don't want it to look like a brownie or a candy or anything that a child might confuse. We want it labeled clearly as medical marijuana," said Bleed. 


Jake Bleed from the Arkansas Department of Health said he wants people to know you can't start growing July 1. 


"You can not actually start dispensing or cultivating medical marijuana legally in Arkansas until you have license to do so. July 1 is the deadline to apply for that license but there will still be a process to decide who gets a license and who does not," said Bleed. 


Bleed said to be patient if you do fill out an application because it will probably take a couple months for them to be sorted through. 

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