Mother Reacts to New Barriers On Beaver Lake Cliff After Her Son's Death

SPRINGDALE, AR -- - Back in February, 16-year-old Clifford Collins died after his mother's car slid into Beaver Lake. The Army Corp of Engineers has now placed barriers on Saddle Shop Lane, cutting off access to a bluff along the lake.
"It was an unsafe area. And honestly, it's been hard for me and my girls," said Reba Collins, Clifford Collins' mother 
Reba Collins lost her son, Clifford, to a devastating accident on February 10th, 
It was her first Mother's Day without her son, so she visited the spot she lost him. But to her surprise, she discovered what she'd been fighting for since the tragedy.
"To see that on Mother's day, I mean what a gift," said Collins. "I was shocked. And I broke down into tears. I mean honestly, nobody else is going to have to go through what I did." 
Last Friday, the Army Corps of Engineers cut off access to Saddle Shop Lane. They say there were dangerous, and even some illegal, things happening in the area. But the drowning convinced them it was finally time to put barricades up. 
Of course, Collins said the pain will never go away, and the healing process has been difficult. But this gives her and her family a sense of relief. 
"I still hurt. We still have our days. But the barricade really means a lot to me. To know that they did go ahead and do it," explained Collins. 
Collins wishes the barriers would have been put up a lot sooner, but is nonetheless thankful. 

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