New Bill Seeks to Allow Home School Kids to Participate in Public School Sports

LITTLE ROCK, AR.-- - (via KARK) -- A new bill seeks to allow more home school students to participate in high school activities. It's an expansion of a bill passed in 2013.

Currently, less than 100 home school students are participating in high school activities at public schools. The law seeks to expand the program into private schools. Current law requires the home school participant to take at least one class at a public school in order to participate in activities like sports and band.

Under House Bill 1481, home schoolers would have to take two classes at a private school to be eligible to be involved in activities there.

"We're just trying to expand this. It's something we've been working with the Arkansas activities they've provided us with language that makes them more comfortable to make sure that this is not used for recruiting," said State Rep. Mark Lowery.

In 2013, the state legislature passed a bill known as "Tebow Law" which first allowed home school students to participate. It was named after Heisman winning quarterback Tim Tebow, who received a home school education.

When that law passed, some school officials worried it created an unfair advantage for home schoolers with less structure schedules and more time to focus on the activities.





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