Champagne suggestions for your favorite holiday dishes.

Sponsored Content - LaCenia Cheek from Barefoot Wine and Bubbly stopped by our studio to discuss the quintessential holiday drink, Champagne with Jason Suel, the star of Later with Jason Suel.

Jason: You know, the holiday's can be a stressful time for people who are hosting parties, how do we make that less of a headache?

LaCenia: We'll do that with Barefoot Wines and Bubbly, and especially just looking at our Champagnes this holiday season, we just want to have fun.

Jason: Absolutely, it's all about fun. It's the holiday season! 

LaCenia: Yes. And Barefoot is all about fun, so we are fun, flavorful and affordable. We just really want to keep it easy. And I always say there are no rules when it comes to wine, so don't feel like this is a must do, these are just suggestions.

Jason: Yeah I love it and I love your suggestions and I can see already we've got some suggestions of some food pairings with your bubbly.

LaCenia: Yes. So a lot of people think wine and food, but why not bubbles and food?

Jason: Why not? I love the idea. Fun, right? We're keeping it fun and festive.

LaCenia:  Exactly. There ya go, keeping it fun and festive. So we'll first start with our Barefoot Bubbly Brute. This is with our cheese plate, and just really keeping it nice and light. And not only that but very crisp and you get a little bit of those green apple notes, and so this is our dryest one in the portfolio.

Jason: Sounds delicious, and you're going to see those cheese plates. They are going to be out at those holiday parties. Throw some bubbly in there. Moving on down the line we're got stuffed mushrooms. We can even pair it with stuffed mushrooms?

LaCenia: Why not? Let's get creative. You know, the holidays are really just really and truly about having  and spending time with your family and friends and just get creative with it, enjoy yourself. And so we're going to enjoy this one with our Barefoot Bubbly Extra Dry. It has a little more of those yellow notes, a hint or so sweeter than our Brute and then with that you can some little spicy stuffed mushrooms, so it's a nice little contrast there.

Jason: Love it! Oh and looking at this plate we've got one of my holiday favorites Pecan Pie.

LaCenia: Oh yeah.

Jason: So good. And we've got some bubbly to go with it.

LaCenia: We sure do. So, you know, being in the south you've got to have pecan pie.


LaCenia: Why not. And then our Pink Moscato Bubbly it just really is a nice compliment. You have a sweet with a little more sweet, so it's just a really nice blending of flavors there.

Jason: Absolutely, it sounds like a great pairing, and you know all of these things, they're affordable. They're out there. Where can people pick up some bubbly this holiday season?

LaCenia: You can pretty much find it at any of your preferred wine locations, anywhere you purchase your wine. And if they don't have it you can always ask for it. 

Jason: You know, one of my favorite things about you all is that you are the official bubbly of  Times Square on New Years Eve.

LaCenia: We sure are.

Jason: That's exciting.

LaCenia: So yeah, hope you're ringing in 2018 with Barefoot Bubbly.

Jason: Absolutely. Cheers

LaCenia: Cheers


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