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Tasty Gifts from Petit Jean

Sponsored Content - Jaclyn House talks to Misty Willbanks from Petit Jean Meats about great gift ideas for the Holidays.


Jaclyn : "We're here with Petit Jean Meats getting you ready for the holidays. Now before we talk about gifts, tell us more about the Petit Jean company."

Misty : "Okay. Well, Petit Jean Meats was founded in 1928, and we are a family owned, Arkansas company. And basically we, we smoke meats. We have over a hundred different product that we do. We still do things the old fashioned way. So we smoke our hams for over sixteen house, and they're smoked in a real hickory smokehouse. We don't add water. We use only the best cuts of meat and quality ingredients in our meat. One of our most popular products is our hams. They come in all different sizes, and we not only do smoked hams. We do peppered hams as well. You can get spiral sliced, that makes it a little bit easier. So we have a lot of different options there. And they also come already fully cooked, so all you have to do is pop them in the oven and heat them up."

Jaclyn : "So let's talk about from a gift standpoint, because some people do give meats as gifts. Petit Jean also offers gift ideas as well."

Misty : "We sure do. We have over ten options for a gift box. Which is just a box that we ship in the mail. You can order it online at pjmeats.com. It comes packed in a cooler with an icepack. And you'll receive it at your doorstep. It'll come with ham, bacon, sausage. A lot of just our signature products. We actually offer special corporate rates. So, our gift boxes are not only great for family and friends, they're also great for corporate gifts as well. We have corporations who buy for all of their employees, clients, tons of options. "

Jaclyn : "Petit Jean Meats, getting you ready for the holidays. Happy Holidays. "

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