NWA Women Uses Her Retirement to Start A New Cutting Edge Workout Studio

BENTONVILLE, Ark.- - A Bentonville entrepreneur is setting an example for others to follow their passions, regardless of age.

We spoke to the woman who spent some of her life savings starting over, while others are cashing in their 401 K's for retirement.

"I am a true entrepreneur where I like to start from nothing and create and build from the ground up," Owner Cindee Johnson said.

Happiness for some folks is money, but for other people like Cindee Johnson, it's sweat.

Johnson started over at age 55, using her retirement funds to finally achieve her dream  of owning her own fitness studio and shop  called Expressions, All Things Beautiful  in Bentonville.

"Part of it is the confidence in knowing that I'm at the right place at the right time so I took the quote on quote step of faith, and launched out and it has proved to be wonderful, I love it and it really is unfolding and growing at the same time, "Johnson said.

The exercise is called Eccentrics, and Johnson believes what sets this exercise apart is the entire workout is one continuous movement using all 650 skeletal muscles.

Johnson is the only certified instructor for eccentrics in Arkansas.

She says most work outs only focus on muscles and bones, but the eccentric workout incorporates everything to help balance the entire body and reduce pain. 

It helped her so much she was inspired to help other women like her find their perfect workout.

"I have been one that had followed my heart, sometimes been ridiculed for it, but it is never ever too late to start over, it is never too late to begin again." Johnson said.

She believes  she's a prime example of someone having success for simply following their heart.

She says if you are ever going to succeed at something, passion has got to be the number one ingredient to achieve your dreams.

"If you love what you do, your passion your gifts will pave the way, but they'll also pay the way eventually, so if you follow your heart it always pays off.. it's a given,"Johnson said.

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