Over the Edge: World's Largest Domino Chain

The world's largest domino chain; toilets in trees; and another offbeat celebrity child name. This is Tuesday's edition of "Over the Edge" news.

In Poland, college students now hold the World Record for the largest domino chain. Students from the Czestochowa School of Economics created the chain by arranging nearly 5,000 books like dominoes.

In Colorado, one woman's odd choice of lawn art is raising eyebrows. Her neighbors want her to take down the two two toilets and sink tied to a tree in her front lawn. One neighbor even built a fence at her property line so she doesn't have to look at the toilets. The woman responsible for the art has kept her identity secret but says it's an expression of her creativity.

And finally, actress Kate Winslet joins the club of celebrities giving their newborns offbeat names. She named her son "Bear Blaze." She says the name "bear" is the nickname of a friend who likes to give bear hugs, and "blaze" was inspired by meeting her husband in a house fire.

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