Pets of the Week: Roxy & Midnight #BetterwithPets

WASHINGTON COUNTY, AR -- - Audra from the Washington County Animal Shelter introduces us to our Pets of the Week! 

"This is Roxy, she is about a year old Boxer mix. We think either Bassett Hound or Dachshund. She's got the short legs as you can see, super cute, super friendly. She's just really fun to have around. With her being a year old she's young and active but she's out of that puppy stage. She does get along with most dogs. We do encourage meet and greets with any of our dogs to see how they interact with a dog you want to adopt just to make sure everyone gets along. She's been here about a month now and is ready to find her forever home. This is Midnight. She is about 3 1/2 years old. As you can see she is a beautiful black haired cat. She's super friendly, one of the friendliest cats we have at the shelter right now. She gets along with other cats, she gets along with dogs. The only thing is she has a flea allergy so we do encourage whoever has her to keep her indoors. Adoption fee has been paid for her so she is adopted. I think she is ready to find her forever home and she won't have to worry about us all the time."

For more information, call (479) 695-3450.

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