Razorbacks Recycle Over 53,000 Pounds of Materials

School makes a sustainable impact on Northwest Arkansas

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - - One man's trash is not always another man's treasure.

Here in Northwest Arkansas the population continues to grow and that means we have a growing problem with waste.

"If you took all of the waste that runs through our transfer station in one year, and put it on a football field, it would be seven stories tall," said Brian Pugh, Waste Reduction Coordinator in Fayetteville. 

With the rapid growth the area is experiencing, there's more trash than ever before with few places to put it.

"There's not going to be another landfill in Northwest Arkansas," Pugh said. "We'd have to ship our waste to other regions of Northwest Arkansas and other states." 

On Tuesday the Fayetteville City Council will be presented with a plan to divert 40% of landfill waste.

Thankfully, the city isn't the only one stepping up to face the problem.

"When you see Razorback fans that are very passionate about the Razorbacks, we want them to be passionate about recycling and diverting waste," said Kevin Trainor, associate athletic director at the University of Arkansas. 

The Razorbacks have one simple request: you take the time to throw your bottles in the recycling bin and your garbage in the waste bin. For those that did so in 2016, you helped the Razorbacks recycle over 53,000 pounds of material.

"By having those bins and being visible with the program, it reminds people that not only while you are at Razorback events but at home and at work to look for that recycling and make that choose to but it in that recycling bin instead of the trash," Trainor said. 

While the collaboration between the university and the City of Fayetteville is definitely making an impact, change can only happen through the people of Northwest Arkansas.

"That is related strictly and directly to the people of Fayetteville that take the time each week to separate their materials in the trash and put it into our bins for recycling and get that stuff diverted," Pugh said. 

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