Rep. Womack Will Seek Reelection in 2018

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Rep. Steve Womack, R-Arkansas, confirmed on Monday he'll be seeking reelection in 2018. 

In an interview with KNWA/Fox 24, Womack said, "I've made it clear I'm a candidate for reelection in 2018. I believe that I have a case I can make that I show up for work, I do my job and I take care of my constituents." 

He went on to say he stands by his voting record and has "never missed a vote." 

"I think I have proven that I'm doing the work that the people have asked me to do," Womack said. 

The representative said he does worry about the GOP majority in the U.S. House of Representatives with President Donald Trump having just been elected in 2016. 

"I saw a report this morning that 22 House Republicans have been outraised in the last quarter financially by opponents, either primary opponents or Democrat opponents," he said. "We do not have the ability to sit on our hands and expect the electorate to hand us this majority over and over again. We have to become productive." 

Womack said the political pendulum can swing "pretty swiftly" the other way. 

As of now, Womack has two declared opponents, Democrat Joshua Mahony and Republican Robb Ryerse

If successful in his reelection bid, this will be Womack's fifth term. 

KNWA Anchor Nate Kuester contributed to this report.

KNWA/KFTA do not endorse any candidates and will post similar articles for others who enter this race. 

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