Same-Sex Couples Face Barriers for Birth Certificates

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- - Same sex couples in Arkansas are facing barriers when it comes to getting both parents' names on their child's birth certificate.

Jana and Leigh Jacobs are the parents of two little boys, and soon to be, a baby girl.

Now, they're fighting to get both names on the new baby's birth certificate. In 2015, a Pulaski County judge ruled both parents in a same sex couple could have their names on the birth certificate. The State Supreme Court reversed that decision last December.

As the non-biological parent, Jana said it should be the same  situation as when a heterosexual couple turns to artificial insemination. In that case, the woman's husband is listed on the child's birth certificate.

"They'll always be my sons, that's not the issue... the issue is will they be legally recognized as my son should something horrible happen... would somebody contest that I'm their parent?" Jacobs said.

The couple's lawyer is working on taking their case to the nation's highest court. Jana Jacobs is listed on the birth certificate of their two sons after going through the adoption process. The couple has also started reaching out to state legislators and are asking others to do the same.


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