Some Pushing for Efforts to Change State Supreme Court Nominations

LITTLE ROCK, AR.-- - (via KARK) -- Even with flaws in the system, they say having citizens vote to select Supreme Court nominees is the best way to pick members of the State's highest court.

But others believe that nature of the races leave voters in the dark while outside influencers shape the campaigns. Some people remember from last summer and fall, the flood of negative attack ads in the race for chief justice of the state Supreme Court.

Secretive outside advocacy groups poured $1.5 million into the contest. Considering state laws, that restricts judicial candidates from many forms of campaigning, some believe voters are left with little to base their decisions on. Some are pushing an effort to establish a judicial nominating committee appointed by the Governor and leaders in the State Legislature.

The committee would rank potential candidates for the Governor to choose from.

State Senator Jeremy Hutchinson is a supporter of the change. Sen. Hutchinson believes the current system is flawed.                


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