Some Voters Say "No No No" To WAC Renovations

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. - You may have seen the "YES YES YES" signs around Fayetteville. But, there are some who are saying "NO NO NO" to the reallocation of city funds.

Folks who are voting in this special election are deciding whether to have the money from the Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Tax go towards renovating the WAC.

Some voters don't want their tax dollars helping out a nonprofit. 

"I'm not against the Walton Arts Center expanding. I love the Walton Arts Center. I love to go to the shows," said Alex McGowen. 

Alex McGowen is one of those saying "No" to the reallocation of the Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Tax. 

"I don't understand why they don't go to a bank like any other nonprofit or just use money that they make. I'm mostly for equal treatment on the entire issue," said McGowen. 

McGowen believes the WAC shouldn't get the money because it is just like other foundations in the area. 

"Other nonprofits wouldn't be getting the same treatment in the area. Seven Hills Homeless Shelter, The Red Cross, they wouldn't be getting all this tax money. I don't understand why the Walton Arts Center gets the special treatment," said McGowen. "Other nonprofits, my worth is, that they're going to be knocking on city hall's doors and they're going to say 'where's out cut?'" 

McGowen said that could lead to more money out of taxpayers' pockets.

"I worry that there is going to be a tax increase because the city is going to have to comply with equal treatment under the law for all nonprofits. So, there will be an increase in tax, that's something that could happen," said McGowen. 

Something this Fayetteville resident hopes isn't a sign on the future. 

The Fayetteville A&P website states that HMR tax should be used for the operation of tourist promotion facilities and funding the arts. Both of which the WAC does. 

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