Special Service Held Honoring Benton County Judges and Attorneys

Bentonville, AR -- - FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- If you've ever been to the Benton County Courthouse you may have wondered whose names were etched into some of the bricks outside. Those are deceased judges and attorneys in the county. 

Saturday, the Benton County Bar Association held its first annual memorial service, remembering those who have passed. The Association honored eight attorneys and judges who have passed away over the past 12 years. Families and friends gathered in front of the courthouse and shared memories of their loved ones. 

Among those honored was Judge Terry Crabtree, Benton County's first juvenile judge. 

"He had a huge heart. My father loved helping people. When he had an opportunity to become a judge he ran for judge and his heart was really in the juvenile. He absolutely loved helping kids and families." Terry Crabtree's son, Jarred Crabtree, said. 

Crabtree's sons, Jarred and Ben, spoke on behalf of their dad who grew up in Bentonville and eventually earned his law degree from the University of Arkansas. 

"It took me a lot of years to really realize that he was probably as strict and tough as he was because he was protecting us in a lot of ways from the things he saw in his court rooms." Jarred Crabtree said. 

Jarred said he's seen first hand how his dad's passion for helping others has benefited the community. 

"I ran into someone the other day who I've never met and she said, 'Are you Judge Crabtree's son?' I said, 'Yes, I am.' and she said, 'well I want you to know he helped my parents with the adoption of me when I was a baby.' and she actually just graduated from law school."

The memorial service and the customized bricks are something the Crabtree family will cherish forever.  

"I'll be able to come here, my kids will be able to come here, and my grandkids will be able to come here for as long as they want to and see the brick here that's in his honor." Jarred Crabtree said. 

The Benton County Bar Association said the memorial service is something they will continue every year on June 17th. 

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