Springdale Company Partners with U.S. Army to Offer New Armour

SPRINGDALE, Ark.-- - In Springdale, The United States Army contracted with the company Nano-Mech to create a new combat uniform for the armed forces. 
Randy George served in the army for 26 years and says the old suits needed updates.
"The old suits are nothing more than a charcoal filter. Nerve agents or anything; mustard gas, it wouldn't do anything for it, chlorine gas it wouldn't filter it at all." George said. 
George is a Gulf War veteran. He said that the old chemical warfare suits like tarp and offered no real protection. 
He said his lungs were burned after inhaling fumes from an oil fire. George believes it might have been prevented if the army had a better combat suit when he served. He now has to use oxygen tanks on a daily basis as a result. 
"We don't know if that's the case, but what the people are going through right now having the Gulf War illness and young veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan from all the buring going on over there, this could help a lot filter through," he said. 
This is why techs are saying Nano-Mech is a game changer. 
Creators say the most impressive part is that it solves 10 problems at once.
The new uniform is made using nanotechnology which is more lightweight than prior uniforms. It features protection against extreme temperatures, diseases, toxins, insects and even repels water. It also eliminates odors. 
 "But we really dramatically increase the performance of the product and so when this is infused into the army uniforms, whether it's the combat uniforms, or it's perhaps the masks, the helmets, its going to have a multifunctional capability."Nano-Mech CEO Jim Phillips said. 
Phillips says the new technology is already in use by the U.S military and eventually Phillips would like to extend the new technology to protect civilian emergency workers. 
"You don't never know what's out in those deserts. That stuff out there has been there for thousands of years...  So, its just good to have. I wish they had it when I was in. " George said. 


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