Storm Spotter: 'One of the Worst Tornadoes I've Seen in Arkansas'

MAYFLOWER, AR. --- Omarrian Wilson caught footage right as the tornado formed on Sunday night over Central Arkansas.

"I started seeing cars and trucks fly across the road," said Wilson. "I literally saw a building get lifted up and just totally destroyed."

Wilson said it crossed the freeway 'right in front of me.'

"It was flipping cars and stuff was flying through the air as it crossed the highway, a car landed on its back and it went across the highway. It hit the RV park," he added.

After Wilson's chase ended, he moved into his other role as a certified first responder.

"We rescued a couple that was in a car, in a ditch. Then we rescued a guy that didn't make it," said Wilson. "Then we rescued another guy from out of a semi. We just started rescuing victims one after the other."

For Wilson, tackling tornadoes has been a passion since he was five years old. That's when he says a twister struck his hometown without warning.

"I was just looking at it and it was getting bigger and bigger and bigger," he said. "If it wasn't for my terror, I probably wouldn't be here today, because I ran and grabbed my sisters and got in the closet. My goals are to improve the warning. I want to put people on a better level of preparation."

Wilson said he will carry on and work on protecting others.


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